Monday, August 4, 2014

MAC Face and Body...what's going on?

MAC's Face and Body has definitely been a staple of mine (I don't like using the term "holy grail"...maybe all those years of Catholic Schooling :)  ) I am shade NC42 on the other side of MAC foundations but in Face and Body my shade is C5. This is my "go to" foundation and I use it almost everyday. I would be remiss if I failed to mention it's a steal at $35 for a 120 ml bottle (not available in the stores in my area).

So, you can imagine the PANIC that arose in me when I was trying to take advantage of MAC's free 2 day shipping this weekend and Face and Body in C5 was no longer available..not even the little color selection picture would display.

Frantically, I clicked the limited edition tab...nothing. It was about 10pm CST so I thought I'd give them a call...offices were closed.

All day questions ran through my head...Is it discontinued? Is it only on the Pro site now? Have they gone MAD??!!!

As soon as I came home today. I logged back on to my computer with MAC's website still up and I clicked the live chat button. Anxiously, I waited to speak to a rep and here's our convo:

Yep,YOU READ IT! Face and Body will be repackaged...umm hmm.I hope that isn't code for, no more120 ml bottles at $35. THE HORROR. I'm going to try to be the optimist and say, maybe they are just adding a pump to it or something.

MAC, you will always have a place in my heart but if what I'm thinking is true....

***The shade C2 is still available online, for now.***

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