Monday, August 4, 2014

MAC Face and Body...what's going on?

MAC's Face and Body has definitely been a staple of mine (I don't like using the term "holy grail"...maybe all those years of Catholic Schooling :)  ) I am shade NC42 on the other side of MAC foundations but in Face and Body my shade is C5. This is my "go to" foundation and I use it almost everyday. I would be remiss if I failed to mention it's a steal at $35 for a 120 ml bottle (not available in the stores in my area).

So, you can imagine the PANIC that arose in me when I was trying to take advantage of MAC's free 2 day shipping this weekend and Face and Body in C5 was no longer available..not even the little color selection picture would display.

Frantically, I clicked the limited edition tab...nothing. It was about 10pm CST so I thought I'd give them a call...offices were closed.

All day questions ran through my head...Is it discontinued? Is it only on the Pro site now? Have they gone MAD??!!!

As soon as I came home today. I logged back on to my computer with MAC's website still up and I clicked the live chat button. Anxiously, I waited to speak to a rep and here's our convo:

Yep,YOU READ IT! Face and Body will be repackaged...umm hmm.I hope that isn't code for, no more120 ml bottles at $35. THE HORROR. I'm going to try to be the optimist and say, maybe they are just adding a pump to it or something.

MAC, you will always have a place in my heart but if what I'm thinking is true....

***The shade C2 is still available online, for now.***

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Nuance by Salma Hayek on clearance at CVS

Phase out??  

I wonder if Salma Hayek's Nuance Cosmetic line will be discontinued soon. I saw these items marked with 50% off clearance stickers at CVS(unfortunately, no lipsticks were marked down) and I can say I am not surprised .  ***Note Nuance is BOGO 1/2 off this week at CVS but this does not include clearance items.

Even though I love Salma Hayek, her cosmetic line has caught my attention but has not held it. (Please note this is only MY opinion).

The turn offs for me:

First, the price. This line is exclusive to CVS, a drugstore, but the price point is slightly above other well know drugstore brands such as Milani, Covergirl, and Maybelline with lipsticks starting at $9.99 USD and foundation at $14.99 USD. 

Second, packaging. The packaging is bulkly and cheap looking. I can say a sleek package (with a lot of product in it) is more appealing then bulky packaging that does not have the product content to back it up. Nuance seems to have the standard product content .17 oz of eyeshadow and 1 fl. oz of foundation.

Third, ummmm I don't know what to call it. Maybe this goes with packaging or product selection. Anyway. Why does everything come in duos? There are eyeshadow duos, no singles. Same with the blush or "cheek trio" as it is named. I would prefer some singles.

Now as the old saying goes: Never knock someone down without extending a hand to lift them up...or something like that. So I can say that Nuance does incorporate more natural ingredients such as shea butter, calendula, blue agave extract, and tepezcohuite (which may account for the price point). I love that the brand was inspired by Salma's grandmother who was a cosmetologist and was known for her homemade beauty products. Most products, particularly the lipstick, seem to get good reviews. AND, most of all, the line seems to cater to women of color with more earthy tones. **clears throat** There still isn't a foundation shade for anyone past NC42 (medium skin tone) in MAC but we're being positive here.

With all that being said, I will take advantage of some of the items on clearance. I have my eye on those cheek trios and a couple of glosses...I'm still waiting for the lipsticks to go on clearance.

I hope the brand will survive but it seems to need a little revamping.

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Well, well, well what do we have here???

Yep, during my most recent trip to CVS, I stumbled upon this NYX display. It isn't a full display (like the ones in ULTA), however, it's enough to get me back in the store. I was disappointed there were no single eyeshadows but I guess that would be too much space to take up in a drugstore. I was tempted to purchase that nude palette but since I just got a Coastal Scents Nude Palette, I decided to behave ;)

I love NYX . Their makeup is good quality at an affordable price. I'm looking forward to the BOGO sales as CVS. I know I'll be accumulating some Beauty Rewards now!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year Sale!

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